Cosmos—Multiple Practices in Art

November 22, 2014 – April 19, 2015
Chief curator: Ai Min
Associate curator: Li Zhenhua

Featured artists (listed in alphabetical order): Aaajiao (China), David Bestué and Marc Vives (Spain), Bitnik (Switzerland), Cheng Ran (China), Chen Juli (China), Chen Tianzhuo (China), Chim Pom ( Japan), COM&COM (Switzerland), Complaints Choir (Finland), Harun Farocki (France), Harald Fernagu (France), Fu Xiaotong (China), Niklas Goldbach (Germany), Geng Jianyi (China), Guo Xi (China), Hu Jieming (China), Alexandre Joly (Switzerland), Hu Weiyi (China), Morgan Wong (Hong Kong, SAR), Ryoji Ikeda (Japan), Harald Fernagu (Germany), Jiang Hongqing (China), Kang Haitao (China), Li Ming (China), Li Xiaofei (China), Liao Wenfeng (China), Lin Yilin (China), Liu Xinyi (China), Liu Guangyun (China), Lu Shengzhong (China), Lu Yang (China), Ma Ke (China), Jennifer Wen MA (China/USA), PAK Sheung Chuen (Hong Kong, SAR), Shen Ruiyun (China), Roman Signer (Switzerland), Berndnaut Smilde (Netherlands), Song Dong (China), Song Kun (China), Sissel Tolaas (Norway), Tatiana Trouvé (Italy), Wang Guangle (China), Bignia Wehrli (Germany), Wu Jian’an (China), Yan Lei (China), Xu Zhen (China), Yan Lei (China), Yang Fudong,(China), Yang Zhenzhong (China), Zeng Lingxiang (China), Zheng Guogu (China), Zhou Wenzhong (China) and Zhou Xiaohu (China).


The Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum is pleased to present “Cosmos—Multiple Practices in Art.” This inaugural group exhibition will be officially unveiled on November 22, 2014 and will last until April 19, 2015.


The Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum was established by the China Minsheng Banking Corporation. Located within the former Shanghai Expo grounds in Pudong, the museum has been re-purposed from the former French Pavilion. The Minsheng Bank considers building a local contemporary museum system as part of its corporate social responsibility platform—a platform which has been built over the course of six years. On the basis of what has already been done, the 21st Century Minsheng Museum will strive to build an international art organization for the new century, to create contemporary art with a greater social impact.


The curatorial concept of “Cosmos” (Duochong Yuzhou, lit. “Multiple Cosmoses”) was proposed by Mr. Ai Min, while the exhibition curation is carried out by Mr. Li Zhenhua. The exhibition itself will present works by 48 artists and five artist collectives from eleven countries and territories such as China, France, Japan, Palestine, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Norway and Hong Kong SAR. “Cosmos” signifies an orderly whole, while multiple cosmoses symbolize the blurred, complex and chaotic states of “existence” and “co-existence.” In this exhibition, the curator and the artists open up a discussion of this timeless topic and extend this conversation from the starting point of two basic relationships—that of Humanity and Nature and Humanity and itself. The explorations of these relations in various domains will be creatively synthesized, forming the basis for understanding “multiple cosmoses” (duochong yuzhou) while at the same time constituting the unifying thread in the exhibition. Whether it be multiplicitous interlinkages or extensions in parallel, or else social sciences or natural sciences—all undoubtedly revolve around “cognition” and the creative explorations about cognition with respect to humanity and art. The exhibition, with the help of the individual and collective expressions of the artists, will consummate the possibilities of cognition and collective participation. The artistic experiences that the artists provide for the audience are at the same time situated within a physical space—a visible and invisible space shared with the viewer and created within the museum. With this, the audience is placed on the same plane as the artists and the works equally interact with this “encounter,” thereby carrying out this incidental experience vis-à-vis cognition.


“Cosmos—Multiple Practices in Art” clearly puts forth a perspective: “Exhibitions should tend not to wear away at the inner relations and methods of the creators, not to mention the specific historical existence that is individually extended through objects. Art cannot be completely explicatory; the work itself possesses the special character of multiplicity and of transformation along with the realization of the exhibition. One precise, accurate manifestation or expression will become subject to duress. The reality between the artists and the works of art, (which cannot be explained and interpreted), hence forms the cracks that can harbor interpretations.” Thus in the encounter with the audience, “Cosmos—Multiple Practices in Art”, requires interaction in order to realize the exhibition as well as the particular stance of this brand new institution—merging with the audience and with the space—thereby highlighting the emotions and participation of the audience.


About Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum

Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum (M21) was established by the China Minsheng Banking Corporation for the purpose of promoting contemporary art and culture. Building a world-class museum is part of the corporate responsibility platform of the Minsheng Bank in a mission of “bringing art to the public: bringing people into the realm of art.” M21 is committed to a model which includes international exchange, and a broad range of public education activities to open up a viable space for art. In the interest of fostering an understanding of art within the general public and creating a pluralistic landscape of art and culture, M21 is fostering a dialogue between pure art, and applied art; traditional and the avant-garde, in order to break down the barriers of art and close the gap between art and the general public. The future collections of M21, our exhibitions, our research and publishing and our critical sensibility will leave an impact on the creation of contemporary culture and express the cultural landscape of a new era.


The museum is located in the former French pavilion of the 2010 World Expo. In 2010 after the closing of the Expo, the French government, Shanghai Municipal Government and the Shanghai World Expo Development Group with the support of Minsheng Bank Chairman Dong Wenbiao organized the re-purposing of the building to be a comprehensive museum—a platform for creativity, the arts, humanities and contemporary art exchanges, servicing the local population of Shanghai and visitors from abroad.


About the chief curator

Ai Min

Dr. Ai Min is the Vice-Chairman of Social Responsibility Management Committee, China Minsheng Banking Corporation Ltd. (CMBC). He obtained a PhD Degree from the Department of Finance, Fudan University. He was previously the Vice-Chief of Shanghai Economic and Foreign Trade Commission Planning Section, Vice President of CMBC (Shanghai Branch), President of CMBC (Suzhou Branch) and Chief-Manager of Retail Banking Department (CMBC).


About the associate curator

Li Zhenhua

Li Zhenhua has been active in the artistic field since 1996. His practice is primarily involved with curation, art creation and project management. Since 2010 he has been on the nomination committee for the Summer Academy at the Zentrum Paul Klee Bern (Switzerland), as well as for The Prix Pictet (Switzerland). He is a member of the international advisory board for the exhibition "Digital Revolution" to be held at the Barbican Centre in the UK in 2014 and the curator of 2014 Art Basel HK’s Film Sector.


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